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I made this (mostly) female-fronted mix for my friend Jack who moved to Minneapolis. Do you know Jack? I bet you don’t, but you might know some of these bands I put on his mix. Enjoy!

1) Agatha - Slits For Lips
2) Anomaly - PS I Love You
3) Banjax - 鎖
4) The Brat - Leave Me Alone
5) Broadzilla - Leftie And The One-Eyed Kung Fu Fighter
6) Common Ignorance - Fall
7) The Conversions - Basement Escapism
8) Coughs - I’m Just A Bill
9) Curmudgeon - Tumid
10) De Fatwa’s - Don’t Buy
11) Dead Landlord - VIII
12) Diamanda Galas - You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
13) Disco Volante - 1984
14) Distract - Wait and See
15) Extra Feeler - Mouth Breather
16) Fast Times - Squeal Like A Pig
17) Fucking Dyke Bitches - Prohomo
18) Glory Hole - Paint The Hate
19) Grown Ups - Nick & Nick
20) Happy Bastards - Dynamite’s A Girl’s Best Friend
21) Hysterics - Correct Me
22) I Don’t Wanna Do That - Red Shirt Guy
23) Insaints - Last Night Of The World
24) La Fraction - Les Zicos
25) Last Words - Never Adjust
26) Look Back And Laugh - This Cost We Absorb
27) Necklacing - Icepick
28) Night Witch - Communication
29) Nina Hagen - TV-Glotzer (White Punk On Dope)
30) No Babies - Be The Best
31) Permanent Ruin - Disaster
32) Radigals - My Life My Way
33) Rape Revenge - Thirsty Crow
34) Split Feet - Cat Mug On Secretaries’ Day
35) Submission Hold - My Belief
36) Subtonix - Into The Fire
37) Testokra - Jane
38) Transgression - Weights
39) Venkman - Beer (Not Beer)
40) Virulent Strain - One Thing Else
41) Vixens - Stop Fucking Yourself
42) Voetsek - Family Ties
43) Witch Hunt - Back Fire
44) The Wrong! - Sex Is Dead!

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully


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I get scared you’ll leave me soon
Even though we call each other every afternoon
It’s true

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"they called her witch because she knew how to heal herself."

Here We Are, Reflections of A God Gone Mad (2nd edition)

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This is my second job.



4:00 PM

(you never sleep regularly anymore.)

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literally the only benefit to me. 

i seriously went “ooooooh” when hila said this

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